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Meera Reed's mindset


i have an AU where the Starks are Wolves (like in Wolf Children)

now i follow a theory where Meera Reed is Rhaegar and Lyanna’s daughter (Ned gave Meera to Howland to hide and protect, because what is safer than a castle no-one can find? and he raised her as his own)

which would mean that Meera…

I am intrigued by this theory; as much as I love Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon Snow, this would be a refreshing reveal.


The complete series of prints that I’ll be selling at Wizard STL next weekend, titled “The Avengers Being Cute + Drinking Things, AKA Avengers Drinkies.” 

Who’s Drinking What:

  • Tony nurses a cup of coffee.
  • Bruce and Hulk sip some tea.
  • Thor quaffs some mead.
  • Nat slurps up some bubble tea.
  • Clint sucks down a juice box.
  • Steve enjoys a large glass of whole milk.
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